Manuka honey for energy

As a sportsperson or just somebody wanting to keep themselves fit and healthy, you’ll know you often need an energy boost to get you going, or to sustain you while training or competing. If you’re looking for something that will give you that extra boost, then manuka honey might just be that magic ingredient you’re after.

Raw manuka honey is all-natural, and it has been scientifically proven to supercharge your workouts. It is a 100% natural energy shot, just as nature intended.

honey teaJust add honey to your workout

Whether or not you feel hungry, you should always put a little fuel in your tank before a workout. You might be sweating it out at a gym or jogging 7kms, whatever you’re doing, manuka honey is the ultimate food to help you on your road to fitness.

Natural, sustained energy

Getting the most out of your workout routine takes energy, and you need to fuel your body. How? Through carbohydrates, they are what give us energy. Our bodies need carbohydrates to maintain muscle glycogen stores, which is like our energy bank or savings account.

Not all carbs are created equal

Sugar is a carbohydrate, but not all sugars are alike. The unrefined, raw sugars in manuka honey are mostly glucose and fructose. Glucose is absorbed quickly, providing an energy boost, while fructose has a slower more sustained effect on blood sugar levels, thereby supporting energy needs over a longer time. You get a more prolonged energy boost.

With raw manuka honey as your fuel source you get natural, sustained energy – not get a short burst of energy followed by a crash the way you do with table sugar.

Manuka honey – the time released fuel

manuka honey powderRaw honey’s unique natural sugar makeup keeps blood sugar levels stable during a workout. Eating honey before exercise allows for a slow and steady release of energy into the blood and stops the body from dipping into glycogen stores in the muscles for energy, meaning you can keep fatigue at bay longer.

So, put raw manuka honey in your fitness arsenal. It is an excellent source of carbohydrates – natural fuel – and research has shown that a pre-workout tablespoon of honey keeps blood sugar levels steadier than other carb choices.

The natural energy food

Sport places high demands on the body, which is why the many sports gels and energy or recovery products on the market are so popular. However, most of these products are highly processed, sickeningly sweet and loaded with refined sugars and synthetic preservatives, colours and flavours.

If you are exercising, it just makes sense to choose natural, wholefoods that support the body. Manuka honey is a great natural energy boost to have pre-workout.

Manuka honey on the go

Honey powder is literally dehydrated honey. Pure, raw honey is an excellent alternative to refined sugar because it contains many vitamins and minerals. Great for tea, coffee, and smoothies or dissolved in your drink bottle as a natural sweetener on the go.

To find powdered honey to boost your fitness regime, you can buy it online.

It can’t bee bettered.

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