Cosmetic benefits and healing properties

Thanks to its antibacterial, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, New Zealand manuka honey is regarded by many as a medical miracle.

Since ancient times, honey has been recognised for its tremendous healing qualities and has been used to treat wounds, burns, sores and boils. Manuka honey was approved by the US FDA as an option for wound treatment in 2007, it is highly sought after as a healing agent and skincare ingredient.

Topical magic

Manuka honey is a long-lasting, economical treatment option for topical applications, such as skin infections, cuts, burns and wounds. The antibacterial properties of medicinal honey kill bacteria on contact and the bacteria doesn’t become resistant to honey. It can also be used to help psoriasis, combat acne, fade scars, soften chapped and dry lips, and hydrate skin.

On top of manuka honey’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it also creates a protective barrier, preventing microbial infections in wounds.

Beecorner Manuka Lotion is handcrafted and 100% natural.

Natural protection of manuka

I just wanted to send some feed-back regarding your Manuka Bee Lotion.  I think this stuff is gold in a pot!!
I love it! I came across it at the French markets once.  I work in film doing makeup and I use it on sore noses and really chapped lips, but recently I used it on a stunt double who had an open wound down his shin from falling off a deck. Anyway, Monday the wound was weepy and fresh and he had to film in a highly chlorinated water tank all week with this wound and lots of opportunity for germs to infect it, so I decided to apply your lotion as a seal before he got in and applied once he had showered at night and where I could throughout the day, keeping in mind he had to spend 12 hours in the water every day since Monday.  It’s now Friday and we thought the wound would stay weepy being in water but with your lotion the healing is amazing, and it has dried up and is healing amazingly.
I just thought you would like to know our results.  I just bought 3 more pots, thank you 🙏🤗 Carly Marr, Prosthetics/makeup dep  

Manuka lotion’s healing powers

Manuka honey is highly effective in wound care as it helps stimulate the immune system, provides nutrients, helps rapid tissue repair, reduces inflammation and even lessens pain for burns patients.

Existing burn piled on our property. Something blew up. I have facial and forearm burns. I’ve only used the honey cream in my face. Even the medical professionals are amazed at how well the burns have healed.

Manuka lotion clearing skin issues

Many studies have highlighted how manuka honey helps to balance your skin’s pH levels and clear acne. Because it’s an antibacterial, manuka honey leaves fewer bacteria to infect pores and cause pimples. The anti-inflammatory properties of manuka honey soothe heal inflamed acne and relieve redness.

My son has suffered for a long time from acne on his back. Prescription medication helped but still it never really cleared up. By chance I came across Manuka Corner in Albany Mall and looked over their products. The Natural Kanuka Bee Lotion caught my eye because it specifically mentioned helping acne and so I thought I’d give it a try. After just one use, the multitude of raised angry looking bumps had decreased dramatically to almost nothing, I could hardly believe the change. My other son uses it also on his extremely dry hands and it helps immensely. It has a very lovely smell and I would highly recommend this product. Knowing that it is natural is very important for me also. July 29, 2018

Manuka feeds the skin

Our topical skin cream is amazing.  It feels great and helps combat many skin conditions. You can use it day and night. Your skin will love it. Beeswax is absorbed slowly by the skin without blocking the pores. Manuka honey is a natural humectant, which means it naturally moisturises the skin, drawing moisture to the surface and retaining it along with regulating your skin’s pH levels. Our topical skin cream is extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, nourishing and soothing sensitive skin. Manuka honey’s healing properties promotes skin regeneration and repairs cellular damage, lessening the appearance of scars.

I have brought organic hand cream and would highly recommend it, has been the best thing ever that I’ve used on my face and hands. I was diagnosed with a cancer growth on my hand last December and I have been using this cream since my surgery and almost all of my scarring has Faded, and where they did the skin graft it can hardly be seen at all. I highly recommend the organic cream.
Fiona Porter, April 11, 2018

Manuka lotion’s shelf life

honey lotionAs an all-natural product beeswax moisturiser, our lotion doesn’t contain any chemicals, perfumes, preservatives or water, and carries a shelf life of two years. Trying to be as environmentally friendly as we can, we are reusing our empty honey jars for our manuka honey lotion. If you like this idea, you can order your Mankua Bee Lotion at 500g and 1kg jars will be available.

Manuka honey is not just any honey

NZ manuka contains a naturally occurring enzyme, methylglyoxal, that produces hydrogen peroxide, effective in killing pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Labels such as “raw,” “organic,” or “pure” are not enough to guarantee that a product carries all the medicinal properties of manuka honey. On the label, there should also be an indication of its quality: the concentration of MG in the honey

To find manuka honey with a UMF rating of 20+ come and find us at an Auckland market or you can buy it online.