Manuka Corner’s vision is to provide our customers with the best raw honey and beeswax based products.


The Manuka Corner story began when Edith purchased the business eight years ago. Edith’s son Ollie suffered from asthma, which led to her to begin exploring raw, natural and authentic treatment alternatives.

Through this learning process, her love for raw honey based products grew and Edith developed a vision to promote authentic, raw, New Zealand honey and handmade products to the world.

Over the years Edith has developed and expanded the face of Manuka Corner to make sure as many people possible have a little piece of New Zealand.



Manuka Corner has put a lot of hard work into producing the best natural honey products for ourselves and our customers. This can be seen in the quality of our products.

Our Raw Honey is sourced from the Central Plateau and Waikato. We only source the best raw and unpasteurised honey. We make all of our products ourselves with a high level of care and attention, so you, our customers get the best possible end result.

We also offer great shipping deals and fast delivery to make sure our customers do not have to wait too long for our goods.


nz honeycomb

What about bees?

Bees were first introduced to New Zealand in the 1830s.

Registered beehives have increased from 299,712 to 505,315 in the last four years alone. Many consider honey as a super food enriched with natural preservatives, which means there is a massive demand for good quality raw New Zealand honey both nationally and worldwide.

Honey bees bring between 70 and 80 million dollars of export income to the New Zealand economy each year and this figure is rapidly growing.

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