Honey Kiss Lip Balm

Are your lips feeling chapped or dry because you’ve been out in the sun, wind or winter cold? Do your lips need a little extra moisturising after wearing long-lasting lipstick?

Before you reach for a conventional lip balm, why not think about a honey lip balm for chapped lips?

What goes on goes in

Anything you put on or to your lips goes into your body. Whether it comes off as you are eating or drinking, when you lick your lips, you unconsciously chew on your lips, or through normal everyday wear, your lip gloss or chapstick will end up in your digestive track.

Many lip balms, lip glosses or chapsticks on the market can contain mineral oil or petrolatum, which are derived from petroleum. Why ingest that when you could use a lip balm with quality manuka honey that tastes great, protects, soothes and repairs dry or chapped lips while offering other health benefits from supporting digestion to boosting your immune system?

Why add manuka honey to a lip balm?

Honey is naturally antibacterial and its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities both disinfect and help in the healing of cracked, chapped lips and lip-related wounds. Because honey has the ability to help lips retain moisture, it acts as a moisture barrier, protecting the lips so they aren’t stripped of their natural moisture.

Help protect your lips

The benefits of using a manuka honey lip balm are numerous. The combination of manuka honey and magically moisturising beeswax in our Honey Kiss Lip Balm work together to seal in moisture and help protect the lips against dehydration.

What’s in our lip balm

Honey Kiss Lip Balm is made with shea butter which is naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and F and combined with coconut oil to hydrate, heal and balance. Honey Kiss Lip Balm will honestly make your lips feel as soft as velvet.

Formulated to soothe and repair itchy, dry or chapped lips, it’s ideal for the wind and cold of winter or the drying atmosphere of air-conditioning, Honey Kiss Lip Balm is incredibly effective. If you’re outside most of the time over summer and the sun really dries out your lips, using our lip balm provides real relief for dry cracked lips.

Smooth, moisturising and with just a subtle taste of honey and a delightful scent, Honey Kiss Lip Balm is not greasy or oily. It is non-sticky, glides on, feels great on the lips and is long lasting. The convenient small tubes are so easy to carry around.

Perfect present

Perhaps you’ve been looking for a great lip balm in New Zealand to send as a present that doesn’t cost the earth. Send Honey Kiss Lip Balm as a small Christmas gift to friends overseas. They’ll love it. We offer shipping worldwide and free shipping within NZ on orders over $50.00.

Honey Kiss Manuka Honey Lip Balm


Honey Kiss Lip Balm is made with our own Raw Manuka Honey which is available to buy on our website as well.

Experts believe that alone Manuka Honey has “healing powers,” Yet our Lip Balm is inclusive of other natural ingredients that add to the healing process.

This Lip Balm protects, heals, and soothes those lips of yours. Leaving them with a beautiful, natural honey fragrance.

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