Let’s make Christmas sweet as with our bee-inspired gift ideas

It has certainly been a very hard couple of years for everybody, and many of us will be facing a Christmas without being able to be with all the friends and family we’d like to share it with.

However, we can still send our loved ones thoughtful presents to let them know how much we miss them. And the easiest way to do that is to shop online. 

Buy from our bee inspired and honey gift shop and you won’t have to go to a mall packed with panicked shoppers and you won’t have to worry about international shipping delays. You’ll also be helping us out by shopping local!

Honey bee gift ideas

Bee inspired gift ideas are thoughtful, heart-warming, sweet, and caring.  And they won’t destroy the planet by ending up going straight to landfill.

At Manuka Corner, we have put a lot of hard work into producing the best natural honey products for our customers. We make all of our products ourselves with a high level of care and attention, so our customers get top quality products.

Bee inspired

bee festive


Skin care products, candles, jewellery, jars of premium Manuka honey and raw honey products are all excellent Christmas gift ideas.

You can buy gifts online from our shop and you don’t have to spend loads. We also offer great shipping deals and fast delivery to make sure you don’t have to wait too long for your goodies. From where we’re standing, our bee inspired presents tick all the boxes.

Sweet as presents

These are gifts you probably won’t be able to buy anywhere else, and we are sure that whoever you give them to will genuinely enjoy them.

If you need a thoughtful gift that shows you care, why not wrap up a jar of manuka honey. Our raw, unprocessed honey is a real treat and tastes just great on a hot buttery piece of Vogel’s toast or dolloped over muesli. It’s the perfect way to start the day, and of course, it is incredibly good for you.

If you’re buying for a cook, why not make up a honey-based gift hamper. You could add some honey powder, which is great for making dressings and sauces, and some honeycomb which is magic with crackers and soft cheeses.

For a health-giving, calming gift, we have a whole range of beeswax candles which are made naturally by our bees. Beeswax is a renewable resource, unlike the petroleum, coal or oil shale used to make paraffin wax candles.

We also stock a lovely manuka lotion. Our Beecorner Manuka Lotion is handcrafted and 100% natural. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, perfumes, preservatives or water, and carries a shelf life of two years. 

Personally, I think an ideal summer present for everybody, regardless of ages, gender, sex or size, is our Honey Kiss Lip Balm. Because honey has the ability to help lips retain moisture, it acts as a moisture barrier, protecting lips so they aren’t stripped of their natural moisture. Made with shea butter which is naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and F and combined with coconut oil to hydrate, heal and balance. 

I hope these ideas help, and remember you can buy our honey, skin care products, soaps, candles, and jars of premium manuka honey from our online shop or you can find us at an Auckland market.

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