Manuka honey for energy

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or you just need a pick-me-up, something to give you that extra boost, have we got the answer for you: honey energy balls, bars and snacks.

honey energy ballsThese great energy treats get you going, or sustain you while you’re working out. Eating raw honey before exercise allows for a slow and steady release of energy and stops the body from dipping into glycogen stores in the muscles, so you can keep going longer.

Delicious honey energy balls, bars and bites

These energy balls are a little bit salty, a little bit sweet, and guaranteed to give you the energy boost you need. All you need to make these edible delights is around 5 ingredients you probably already have on your shelf, about 10 minutes, and some of our lovely raw NZ honey.

Cinnamon raisin energy bites

This recipe makes about 20 healthy, energy and protein packed snack bites.


    • ¾ cup of peanut butter
    • ½ cup of raw manuka honey
    • 1¼ cup of rolled oats
    • ¼ cup of ground flax seed (Flaxseed and linseed are the same thing)
    • ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon
    • ¼ teaspoon of salt
    • ½ cup of raisins


    1. Pour peanut butter and honey into a medium bowl and microwave for 20 seconds to just soften.
    2. Add remaining ingredients and stir until thoroughly mixed.
    3. Chill the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes.
    4. Roll into about 2-3 cm sized balls and place on baking paper.
    5. Store in an airtight container.

No bake chia energy bites

This easy, no-bake recipe for gluten free energy bites makes about 15.


    • 1 cup of rolled oats
    • 1/2 cup of nut butter (Try a mixture of peanut and cashew or almond.)
    • 2 tbsp of raw manuka honey
    • 2 tbsp of desiccated coconut
    • 1 tbsp of chia seeds
    • 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract


    1. Mix the oats, nut butter, raw manuka honey, coconut, chia seeds and vanilla extract together in a bowl until fully combined.
    2. Roll the mixture into equal size bites. Place the bites in the fridge to firm up.
    3. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 5 days.

Honey oat energy balls

This recipe makes about 40 healthy snacks.


    • 1 cup of good peanut butter
    • 2/3 cup of raw honey
    • 2 cups of rolled oats
    • 1/2 cup of finely chopped dates
    • 1 1/2 cup of coconut
    • 3/4 cup of ground flax seed
    • 1/4 of teaspoon salt


    1. Soften the peanut butter and honey in the microwave for 30 about seconds and stir together until well combined.
    2. Add oats, dates, coconut, flax and salt and mix until well coated.
    3. Cover and chill for 1 hour, and then form into 2-3 cm sized balls and place on baking paper. (You may want to use a spoon for this job.)
    4. Chill the balls for another hour, and then put them into a sealed container. They also freeze well.

Honey sesame energy bites

These are easy to make and are perfect as a snack, in lunch boxes, or as an afternoon or after-dinner treat.


    • ⅓ cup of melted coconut oil
    • ¼ cup of tahini (sesame seed paste)
    • ¼ cup of raw manuka honey
    • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
    • ¼ teaspoon of salt
    • 2 cups oat flour (you can also put rolled oats in a food processor)
    • ¼ cup of sesame seeds


    1. In a large bowl, whisk together the coconut oil, tahini, honey, and vanilla extract until smooth.
    2. Add the salt and oat flour, stirring until well combined.
    3. Roll gently into a balls. If the dough is too sticky to roll, place in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to harden a bit. Then wet your hands with water in between rolling to keep the dough from sticking.
    4. Pour the sesame seeds onto a large plate. Roll each ball in the sesame seeds until well coated.
    5. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, then eat.

Any finally, but far from least, a recipe that is nut free.

Seed bars

Nut-free, paleo energy bars that only take 5 minutes of hands on time before baking. These bars make for a simple breakfast on the go or energy boosting midday snack!


    • 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds 
    • ½ cup of sunflower seeds
    • 1 cup of desiccated coconut
    • ¼ cup of sesame seeds
    • ¼ cup of chia seeds
    • ¼ cup of flax or hemp seeds
    • pinch of salt
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • ½ cup of raw honey 


    1. Preheat oven to 180c.
    2. Mix the seeds and salt together in a medium bowl. Stir in vanilla and softened honey, until combined.
    3. Place a piece of baking paper in a Swiss roll tin up the sides too.
    4. Pour the seed mix into the tin, and using a spatula, spread it out, into corners and edges and press down firmly.
    5. Place in the oven for about 45 minutes. Having a chewy consistency or a crispier crunchy consistency will depend on how long you leave them in the oven, but they should be lovely and golden. If you take them out too early, they may be too chewy and sticky.  
    6. Remove from oven, and cool completely. Then take the baking paper, turn it over and then cut the bars cut into desired size.

Other energy-boosting honey snack ideas

  1. Stir raw honey into peanut butter to make a spread for whole-grain bread or crackers.
  2. Mix raw honey with low-fat plain yogurt to create a sweet and tangy dip for fresh fruits or vegetables.
  3. Combine grated carrots and raisins with honey and serve on whole-grain crackers.
  4. Drizzle apple and banana slices with honey and sprinkle with cinnamon.

If you are exercising, it just makes sense to choose natural, wholefoods that support the body. Manuka honey is a great natural energy boost.

It can’t bee bettered.


Manuka Honey 5+ (MG 83+)



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