What a great way to utilise the delicious flavours of our Manuka and Kamahi honey!

Use our Manuka or Kamahi Honey to create this delicious bread. Perfect paired with cheese and fruit paste on a platter this Easter Weekend!

bite.co.nz’s Geoff Scott put together the amazing recipe that we tried on last weekend – of course using Manuka Corner honey – and it was seriously good.  We used our Manuka Honey 5+ and paired it with the below recipe, putting both to the test.  Turns out our honey are ideal for baking as well.

Here’s an excerpt and the link to the recipe:

A stronger flavoured honey such as Manuka, Kamahi or beechwood honeydew works well in this recipe. This delicious bread has been served alongside our selection of cheeses ever since I bought Vinnies restaurant 10 years ago. I like it best thinly sliced and toasted until crisp, served with a wedge of creamy blue cheese (at room temperature) and topped with a spoonful of natural honeycomb.