The sweetest Christmas presents

Still stuck for what to buy for your family and friends this Christmas? Don’t want to go to a mall with a million other panicked shoppers? Would you like to shop online but know the ships won’t get here in time? Well, don’t worry, it isn’t really that bad. We can help you out and you can help us out, as well as the team of 5,000,000, by shopping local!

bee festive

First important Christmas present tip: “Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.” Don’t resort to buying those dodgy Christmas gifts like socks, and tea-towels with Santa all over them or a terrible Bridget Jones style Christmas jersey. These gifts may be work well for gift exchanges with a bunch of strangers, but not for those whom you love and care about, or possibly more to the point, have to live with or see regularly!

honey smoked fruit and nutsSo, why not give something that is thoughtful, heart-warming, sweet, and caring? From the perspective of a honey enthusiast, I reckon a gift of honey and bee-related gifts are perfect.

Give a gift of honey

Honey cosmetics, soaps, candles, lovely jars of premium Manuka honey,  honey gift basket fillers and honey pairings are all excellent idea. You can buy them online from our shop and you don’t have to spend loads. We make all of our products ourselves with a high level of care and attention. We also offer great shipping deals and fast delivery to make sure you don’t have to wait too long for your goodies.

Sweet as presents

These are gifts they probably won’t get anywhere else, and they will genuinely enjoy them. If you need a thoughtful gift that shows you know who you’re buying for, why not wrap up a jar of honey, or honey products, and pair it with something to make it a little bit special.

    1. Got an avid tea drinker on your list? Pair their favorite tea with a jar of Manuka honey. This raw, filtered, and unprocessed honey is a treat to enjoy in the evenings to help them relax and unwind.
    2. Got a social bee to buy for? Pair honeycomb with crackers, and soft cheese in this gift. You could also consider a jar of honey, mint, tequila and point them to our honey mojitos.
    3. Buying for a cook? Why not give them some honey powder? These are great for making dressings and sauces as the honey just dissolves. You could even package them up in some beeswax wraps.
    4. Need a gift for a co-worker? If you work with someone who has breakfast at work, or who is often late, why not gift them the perfect breakfast? Wrap up some of your homemade muesli, or your favourite fancy cereal, and a lovely jar of honey; the perfect way to start the day.
    5. Have someone who is just plain hard to buy for? Some honey-soaked fruit and nuts are the answer. They can be stirred into porridge, swirled into yogurt, poured onto pancakes, drizzled over grilled fruit, spooned over ice cream, or even eaten straight from the jar. A quick and simple gift that tastes great and can be paired with a nice wee bowl or serving dish.
    6. Everybody loves a nice candle. For a bit of a calming gift, why not wrap a pretty candle with a lovely manuka lotion?

I hope these ideas help, and remember you can buy honey cosmetics, soaps, candles, jars of premium honey and wraps from our online shop or find us at an Auckland market.