Beeswax candles for the flame in your life

Treat your Valentine, or yourself, to a gorgeous beeswax candle made right here in New Zealand.

Candles are the simplest form of luxury and relaxation. They have the power to put you in a better mood. Their warm glow is romantic and they’re deliciously sweet-smelling and natural. They make any room smell fresh and clean with the warm scent of honey; softening the ambiance.

candle for valentines dayWith Valentine’s Day on 14 February, there can’t be a better excuse to invest in a brand-new candle. If you’re in a relationship, buy one as a gift, or simply for setting the mood. For a cosy, romantic atmosphere, the gently flickering light of beeswax Valentines candles make for an easy way to set the tone. It doesn’t matter whether your romantic evening consists of a home-cooked meal, a wine or two, and some frisky moves, or just chilling in front of Netflix, our beeswax candles are just right.

And if you’re single, then treat yourself to remind you of just how wonderful you are by lighting a candle with a sweet, honey scent and enjoying some well-earned you time.

We’ve got some great candles that are just perfect for Valentines. You’ll get eight hours of very clean burn time and a lovely, subtle honey smell. You can see from the colour that no impurities have been added and that they’re made from pure New Zealand beeswax.

Why buy beeswax candles?

You can buy candles in other shapes, but would you really want you or your significant other inhaling perfumes, paraffin, and other harmful ingredients?

Paraffin wax candles are made from petroleum, coal or oil shale. They are a highly refined petroleum by-product that contain up to 11 toxic compounds and chemicals such as benzene and toluene. Not a great gift for your loved one on the most romantic day of the year.

Then of course, the whole idea behind a Valentine’s gift is to say:

“you’re special, you’re important, I appreciate you, I love you”.

Why would you give someone a common-as-muck candle? Paraffin candles make up 95% of the world’s candle production and they’re toxic. Bad move ….

If you’re looking forward to enjoying a romantic evening, you need candles that burn naturally slow and long with no sticky, black petroleum-based soot. Beeswax candles burn longer than other candles and they release ions to set that mood. That’s got to be good.

And not to forget, they also make wonderful gifts for someone special.